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What is Swarm Simulator[]

Swarm Simulator is a simulation game that launched on August 28, 2014 developed by kawaritai, that allows the player to grow a massive insect empire filled with endless amounts of bugs using larvae and meat. You can have territory, too, in your empire starting with cheap swarmlings. As you'll see, you can restart with mutagen, with a cost. Have Fun!

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"Grow a massive swarm of giant bugs, starting from just a few larvae and a small pile of meat.

What is Swarm Simulator Evolution?[]

Swarm Simulator Evolution is a simulation game that launched at October 4, 2018 and currently at October 23, 2019 with 911,978 gameplays, and made by ScaryBee. Similar to the hit webgame "Swarm Simulator", but this one gains some serious upgrades – 3D graphics, new Units, new features … welcome back to Swarm Simulator, but EVOLVED!

"What is this? A game for ants?!? Ha quintillion bugs. Conquer the UNIVERSE!"

Current Version[]

Version 1.1.13 [Swarm Simulator]
Last updated on July 24, 2019

Version 1.6.4 [Swarm Simulator Evolution]
Last updated on December 7, 2018 at 8:13 AM

Version 1.7.12 [Swarm Simulator: Evolution][]

Last updated on Friday, July 2, 2021 at 12:03 PM[]


Swarm Simulator[]

This game includes many features from other games, including a tiered growth system and ascension. However, there are several interesting additions, including multiple parallel paths for growth, all of which are required to eventually ascend (ascension is discussed later on). The manner in which players use these paths will affect their overall growth and advancement rate.

Each resource has its own production tab at the top of the game interface, where the creation of that resource is controlled.

The first two resources encountered are Meat and Larvae. Meat is the primary resource for most units, upgrades or constructions in this game (apart from units under the Energy tab). Nearly every unit costs a certain amount of meat, which increases based on the power of the unit. Larvae, on the other hand, are only used in the production of units and "twin" upgrades, which hatch multiple units for each larvae spent. Every creature hatches from a single larvae. Larvae production can only be increased by buying upgrades. Meat production is a tier-based system. The lowest tier (Drone) produces meat, the second tier (Queen) produces first-tier units, the third tier (Nest) produces second-tier units, and so on.

Soon after starting the game, new players unlock Territory. Territory is a resource used exclusively for increasing your larvae production by purchasing expansion upgrades. Territory is produced by hatching military units to expand your swarm's feeding grounds. Unlike meat production, these units do not produce more of each other. The units that produce more territory simply cost more meat than the ones that produce less.

As you continue to grow your swarm, you will gain enough meat and larvae to build a nexus, which produces the next resource, Energy. Energy allows you to cast certain abilities that can greatly help the growth of your swarm. Energy is produced at a constant rate until your nexus reaches its maximum capacity, at which point it will stop producing energy until you spend some. Energy production and capacity are upgraded by creating more nexus, or by purchasing Lepidoptera units and Nightbug units, respectively.

Once your swarm builds enough hatcheries and expands to a sufficient size, it will start producing Mutagen. Mutagen is inactive when you first earn it, which makes it completely unusable to your swarm until you Ascend (ascension is covered in the next paragraph).

Once a player decides that their swarm has grown to a reasonable size, they can choose to Ascend. Ascension costs a massive amount of energy (which is decreased by spending energy on other things), and sends a few larvae from your swarm to a new planet, where they can start building again from scratch. Ascension effectively resets almost all of the progress you have made in the game so far. This may seem like a terrible thing. However, once you ascend, all of your inactive mutagen is activated, and is available for use on the new planet. This active mutagen is used to unlock extremely powerful Mutations that make it even easier to grow your swarm. Mutagen also increases your new colony's larvae production rate. Your swarm can then grow, and mutate, and ascend again, in an endless cycle. (Please note: as soon as you unlock a mutation, the mutagen price for all other mutations increases dramatically. This applies every single time you unlock a mutation, so think wisely before choosing a mutation to unlock.)

This is only a simple overview of the game's mechanics. The links provided in this gameplay description should help explain things in more detail.

Swarm Simulator Evolution[]

You start once again with a few meat where you will hatch a few drones, unlike Swarm Simulator a tutorial will guide the player of all the features present in the game, such as giving a vivid description regarding the twin upgrades, faster unit upgrades, the nexus, ascension requirements, mutagen allocation, mutations, crystal, carapace shards, gold bugs and swarm lords.

The new features are the 3D models representing each unit giving them a body to represent their species and hierarchy. The other is the energy cost unlike Swarm Simulator, this one has a decreased cost on the rush powers [Larvae Rush, Meat Rush,Territory Rush & Clone Larvae) but an increase of 500 energy for Swarm Warp, and an increase of 2'500 energy on "House of Mirrors". There are also new names for meat units after Overminds.

Crystals unlike the previous Swarm Simulator wherein its only usefulness was to increase the maximum energy and give a few energy when used. In this version the Crystals are a useful currency that can be used to buy carapace shards, elixirs, increase maximum energy or thaw energy to receive energy at once.

Carapace Shards are powerful shards that gives a 10% boost for a unit in production. However, this is randomly allocated among the units both the Meat Units and Territory units regardless of which screen your are on, so it cannot be manually placed for one single unit. If 10 carapace shards happened to be allocated among one unit usually the "Larvae", they will given a "Gold Skin". Carapace Shards can be bought using crystals, 1 carapace shard for 20 crystals, 5 carapace shards for 80 crystals (one for free), 10 carapace shards for 140 crystals (3 for free).

At some point you will be getting Gold Bugs, these small golden colored bugs are said to be the soul fragments of the God Aristaeus (God of Bugs), it is said when these small bugs are gathered together, powerful abilities will awaken. The Gold bugs are the little bugs that appear on the screen with a minimum amount of 10 which is the default to be seen daily, specifically resetting in a specific time. These upgrades require a starting amount of 10 gold bugs and this price increases by 10 each time it is upgraded further, e.g. 10 -> 20, then 20->30. A tip for the start is to get Gold Bugs then Hatchery, focus on these two for a while and you decide when to stop and give priority to the other latter (Chronomancy and Alchemy)

Powerful Upgrades:

  • Entomologist, wherein the study of bugs reduces the hatching costs by 20%, making the ability stronger when upgraded such as 20% -> 40% -> 60%, the higher the upgrade the effectiveness decreases slightly as well, a similar concept to Lepidoptera.
  • Scarab King, wherein one Gold Bug is proclaimed a king and this entices more gold bugs to appear and 10% faster, this ability stacks for example you gain 11 maximum bugs per day instead of 10.
  • Chronomancy, your deep connection with time and space gives you a slower perception of time so 10 minutes in the real world is 1 second in your perspective, it basically gives you a 5% boost in offline or idle time each upgrade makes the world 5% faster or your perception of time to be 5% slower.
  • Alchemy, your great improvisation on the elixirs makes them even more powerful, each upgrades makes them 10% longer in duration.

Gold bugs when clicked can give random loot! Gold Bugs has a chance to give one of the following loot:

  • One Carapace Shard (10% chance)
  • One Random Elixir (10%Chance)
  • 1 crystal (35% chance)
  • 2 crystals ("?" chance)
  • 3 crystals ("?" chance)
  • Rocket Fuel (displays message "Ascension Approaches") ("?" chance)
  • Nothing (20% chance)

Elixirs are powerful drinks that when consumed, grants an overwhelmingly helpful boost.

  • Conduit Elixir- The Nexus' supercharge making it able to capture 4x as much energy for 2 hours.
  • Feast Elixir- The drones hunger for even more meat making them work 100x as fast for 2 hours.
  • Rage Elixir- The territory units enter a furious rage enabling them to capture 10x as much territory for 2 hours.
  • Warp Elixir- Bend space itself to make 2 hours of time pass in a single minute!.
  • Wohoo Elixir- Love is in the air! Larvae produced are produced 5x quicker for 2 hours.

Elixirs are powerful but each one costs 10 crystals, you can get 5 elixirs in a pack for 40 crystals, such as Pack O' Lightning (Conduit Elixir), Pack O' Gluttony (Feast Elixir), Pack O' Fury (Rage Elixir), Pack O' Spacetime (Warp Elixir), Pack O' Lovebugs (Wohoo Elixir). There is a random chance that Gold Bugs will have elixirs when clicked and the Swarm Lords will have Elixirs as a prize.

Another cool feature is Swarm Lord Invasion granted after the second ascension, which grants the player various power-ups and boosters once a swarm lord is defeated, on how this game works, the player must click the small enemies that represent the Swarm Lord which is their army, once they are clicked they are dead, if they are not clicked within 5-6 seconds the enemy will steal one respective random resource from you [Energy, Territory, Larvae or Meat]. The HFL is an automated cannon that shoots enemies for the cost of energy, it works offline as well. Enemies will not steal resources when you are offline. Once a Swarm Lord is defeated then a specific boost, a new skin for the specific unit[Swarm Lord Skin], a shard for that unit and a few crystals will be rewarded.

And lastly Ascension, unlike the previous Swarm Simulator which needs energy to ascend, Ascension requires rocket fuel. Rocket fuel is the waste product by using abilities, one rocket fuel is generated each time by using an ability, by using meat rush 100 times, you can ascend because it gave you 100 rocket fuel. The Mutations, which are the powerful abilities gained by allocating mutagen are as follows Bat Mutation, Clone Mutation, Swarm Warp Mutation, Rush Mutation, Mutagen Frequency Mutation(increase the chance of gaining mutagen in expansions and hatcheries), Lepidoptera Mutation(increase energy output of lepidoptera's, capped at 2x), Drone Mutation, Larvae Mutation, Meta Mutation(Increase Mutagen gained) and Territory Mutation.

*Note every time you ascend, the necessary rocket fuel to ascend once again is increased by 50.

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